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Glamping; the divine escape.

Imagine your perfect getaway. High in the mountains, deep in a forest, or by the most beautiful beach. Can you picture it? How are you feeling? Are you ecstatic, or are you dissatisfied by something?

The answer to that questions is often determined by where you choose to stay. While for some, the adventure and thrill of a raw experience with no amenities is appealing, for most conscientious travellers, the journey is only enhanced by the level of comfort and facilities provided.

If you are someone looking for the full outdoor experience, without the discomfort, the cold, the bugs or poorly cooked food, Glamping might be the answer for you.

AICA prides itself for its collection of luxury properties around the country, that make ideal locations for a camping experience. Planned on privately owned and expertly maintained land, the trips are carefully curated, with highest quality camps, cultivated bonfires, meals cooked by renown chefs and full housekeeping services even in remote locations with the most breath-taking scenery. Whether it be a delicious breakfast just the way you like it, or an elaborate steak dinner under the stars, our executive chefs at every location will have you licking your fingertips for hours.

Our team ensures that your every need it met, whether you are traveling with your partner, friends, colleagues from work, or just by yourself. No more fights in musty campsites and early mornings spent trying to get a fire going just to have your first cup of coffee. There is no need for the fuss of arranging transport to an unfamiliar place. Your luggage is delivered directly to your property of choice, without the need of hauling heavy suitcases in and out of rental cars, while you are escorted in luxury SUVs or the car of your choice to your dream holiday destination.

Glamping is the answer for the travellers who want peace of mind that their trip will be perfectly planned without having to spend hours agonizing over travel companies, hotel bookings or the hassle of a ruined journey with large groups. Just let us know what you envision, and let us take care of the rest. Your dream vacation is just a click away!

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