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AICA: in the offing

Begum Aisha Ahmed Sumbal, co-founder and owner of AICA international belongs to the Sumbal family lineage, with more than 80 years of experience in landlordship, real estate and hospitality. In 1994 the company decided to diversify into high quality fabric manufacturing, specializing in black, white and khaki niche fabrics and reactive dying techniques requiring precise quality control within temperature windows of up to 194 F.

Since then, the company has become a standard bearer in luxury cottons and fabric production, with supply lines around the world ranging from Hermes, Burberry and Valentino among its loyal clientele.

AICA’s Mineral Khaki range is produced by closely controlled chemical reactions of metal salts. The patented dyes are shades of chrome old gold, warm white, ash black, and mineral khaki. The fabrics dyed with these have been supplied to the army for use in field and dress uniforms on account of its durability, anti-microbial properties and excellent water fastness, preventing fading even after years of use.

Whether its luxury clothing or high-performance specialized clothing, AICA prides itself on top tier quality control and client satisfaction and innovation over decades of industry leading experience.

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